Poly Planet Creator is a Unity asset that is meant to help create low-poly planets. It can be used with 2D or 3D projects. The asset contains custom made geometry shaders, designed to work with custom meshes. I also provide powerful yet simple to use scripts.


Spheres are generated through scripts and are icosahedron-based. They can be generated with up to 128000 triangles.


The low-poly shader supports Unity's shadow system, multiple terrain coloring modes, liquid, planetary rim, and a planetary core effect.

Creation Tools

Scripts for saving and loading data, and mesh manipulation included. Easily create your own planet using Modify, Smooth, Level and Color brushes. You can also use Perlin noise when modifying or coloring your planet.


(Script/Tool provided in the asset)

This asset gives users the ability to create their own low-poly planets. This would not be possible without an editing system that allows both simplicity and complexity depending on the user. Included tools allow users to quickly create an eye-catching planet. Users can also create meshes with up to 128000 triangles and spend large amounts of time getting down specific details.

Modify Brush

This brush allows users to add on to the terrain by slowly expanding it, and works very well for creating hills and mountains. It is also able to eat away at the terrain, to make rivers or holes that almost reach the planet's core.

Smooth Brush

Smooth the terrain to give it a soft feel. This brush allows the user to gradually smoothen the terrain or completely smoothen it in one click.

Level Brush

The Level Brush allows users to select a height value and then extend the terrain to the mentioned value. Very helpful for keeping a leveled surface.

Color Brush

This tool allows users to apply colors to the terrain. Colors are applied directly to the mesh's vertices. Using the mesh's colors, the shaders can color the terrain with different techniques.